Fully Equipped Hostels vs Single Accommodations

Once upon a time, in the lands all over the world, the hostlers, the bag packers & the newly graduates lived in hostel myths of dirty sheets and dangerous sleeping companions. However, nowadays you have the option to choose among the hostels with rooftop cafeteria and backyard swimming pool facilities. But when it comes to single occupancy rooms and a fully equipped dorm/private hostel – which should you choose?

Immaculate rooms
The least any traveller, a working professional or even a student could deservingly expect at the end of a tiring day is a pre-organised well equipped room.

Value for money @ your doorstep
Definitely a non-equipped single room would cost you much lesser. Though when you have allllll your in-home and outdoor purpose being met at a single spot, why would you want to go to another place at all? ! Visualize, from having food to shuttle service, from laundry to Wi-Fi, from reading to dancing, etc. All this you get at one place without wasting your petrol, time or energy. Wouldn’t you want to use that extra hour in grabbing a coffee with your next door darling? 😉

WTF (Wheres The Fun?!) Speaking of individual rooms we need to consider two primary concerns i.e.
1. Privacy
2. Freedom to divide your expenses as per your priorities and concern.
Thats a given facet of an individual room for sure. However the monotony lies in the limited access to fun- oriented activities, which any individual needs at sometime or the other.

Also there are certain hurdles in the path of students & working class when it comes to renting an individual space, which are often ignored before making a decision to stay such as:

1. Society problems bachelors are not encouraged to stay in a lot of societies,
2. Land lords unnecessary rules & botheration, 
3. Huge security deposit of around 30-60thousand, 
4. Monthly rent management and rent appreciation (usually 10%), 
5. Rent stamp agreement (3000 to 4000), 
6. Police Verification,
7. Brokerage cost,
8. No assurance of security,
9. Finding a helper and their fee or else you have to go through the hassle of cooking your own meal, washing your clothes, doing the dishes, and what not.. 
10. Last but not the least, we know its nearly impossible to do without Wi-Fi these days, that’s another chargeable affair. 
You waste not just your energy but also your precious time & money.
Whereas we compare a fully equipped hostel facility, all in all, they are managed on a big scale as they have a responsibility of various premium communities on their shoulders. Ultimately, that assures you of relying on them for hygiene in food, security, discipline, safety and peace of mind. Along with that one easily gets lured into saving their time, energy, cost of travelling and an overall fun filled environment! 
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