Moving to a PG in Pune? Here are 7 things you HAVE to keep in mind.

Finding a paying guest (PG) accommodation nearby could be a tough nut to crack, at least in the initial phases when you have to physically visit the properties to make sure that the place feels like home. From hours of hunting to performing your due diligence to finalizing a nearby PG accommodation, the journey could be tedious. But it’s quite rewarding if you find the perfect match. If you’re not sure about what to look for, you need not worry, as we’re going to help you with the top things to check before finalizing a PG. 

However, you need to remember that everything comes down to your preferences, likes and dislikes. The best PG for someone else, could be a nightmare for you. So, you need to make sure that the property ticks all the right boxes for you, before you hand out the advance payment.

What to look for in a PG accommodation

Location of PG accommodation

The location of a PG accommodation is one of the most crucial things to check before finalising a PG. The distance of the PG accommodation from your office or college  should be within a few kilometres, so you can save on travel time and travel costs, which in a city are always high. Moreover, public transport facilities should be available nearby if you don’t own a personal vehicle. 

Also, the property should have parks, hospitals, restaurants, and markets in the vicinity; so that you don’t have to commute far to avail of these facilities.

Basics of PG room 

For many, the first and foremost thing to check before finalizing a PG accommodation is getting the basics right. Check if the room is well lit and properly ventilated for a comfortable stay. 

Also, the aesthetics of the property play an important role. Get the right vibe first; everything else can be sorted later. New properties with modern infrastructure are in trend.   

Other factors you may need to consider are the age of the property, wall paint, quality of material used in the building, and maintenance of shared spaces, among others.

Furnished or unfurnished PG?

Selecting between furnished or unfurnished PG accommodation depends on your choice and budget. For instance, the rent of an unfurnished nearby PG will be lower than a furnished unit. But saving a few bucks on rent will eventually cost you much more if you don’t already own furniture. So, the choice of going for a furnished PG or finalising an unfurnished property totally depends on you. 

Like minded flat mates

Flatmates at PG accommodations will be your family members for the time you’re there. Ensure that like-minded and understanding flatmates are renting the accommodation by having a little chit-chat with them before making your final decision. 

In case you rent a PG with a roommate, get to know the individual and their habits. So, don’t shy away from asking questions to the potential roommate. For instance, a studious roommate or a party animal can leave the lights or music up for hours late at the night. In both cases, you will get sleep deprived.

Hygienic washrooms

Another thing to check before finalising a PG is its washroom. The washroom should be in a clean and hygienic condition. Check with the management how frequently the washroom is cleaned. Also, find out how the ventilation of the washroom is.

You should personally visit the PG to find out if you’re comfortable with the PG accommodation’s washroom You also need to check if it’s big enough for your personal requirements, especially if you plan to bring or rent your own washing machine.

Healthy meals at PG 

Getting healthy meals and on time, is a major reason why many people prefer staying in PGs, as most PG Stays offer home-cooked food. Including a food, the package will increase your monthly rent, but once you realize its benefits, you will know it is a sensible choice. You will not only get nutritious meals but also at the fixed mealtimes.

The nearby dhabas or food joints won’t be able to offer you the healthy food you crave. Moreover, eating at the PG with other flatmates will give you a homely feel. The jokes shared at the dining table will be remembered for good. 

Therefore, it’s better to leave the restaurant food for special or rough days and fill the tummy daily with homemade meals cooked at the PG, and as per the meal timings.

Deadlines and Curfew timings at PG

Knowing deadlines for returning to the property and night curfew timings are a must before finalising a PG accommodation. If you’re a late bird, ensure that the gates of the PG accommodation will remain open for you. 

In case you have a night shift that ends at 2 am or 3 am, you need to make sure that you can enter the PG accommodation without disturbing the sleep of other renters. Also, if you’re a party animal or love listening to songs at high volume, ask the property manager about how these things are taken care of at the property.

Cleanliness is a must

Getting sick in a city without parents is a nightmare. And an unhygienic environment invites nothing but diseases and distress. So, it’s a crucial thing to check before finalizing a PG accommodation, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic. PG accommodations may or may not maintain the overall hygiene of the property up to your expectations. Paying a visit will clear all your doubts.

Guest Policy of PG

A few PG may not allow guests of other gender or limit the number of guests to make sure that other renters feel safe there. In case you would like to invite your family or friends to come and stay with you sometimes, do find out in advance if this is allowed, also any additional charges that may accrue, including additional meal charges.

So, if you love inviting people over, checking the guest policy of the PG stay should be on your checklist if you don’t want a bummer at the last moment. 

Housekeeping timings

Remember the moment when you’re deep in your sleep, probably dreaming something good, and suddenly your mom or house help close the fan to sweep the room. You hate it, right? 

You can face the same problem in PG accommodation. Or worse, there’s no cleaning for days. Both scenarios could be really unpleasant, and that’s why you need to make sure that you find a paying guest room with a suitable housekeeping timetable. 

House rules of PG

It is important to find out about the PG rules such as whether eating non-vegetarian food and smoking/drinking is allowed or not inside the PG stay. Some other things you may need to check are on usage of common areas, parking space, or kitchen, before finalizing the property. Being aware and mindful of the house rules in the PG would ensure a comfortable stay for you.  

Security in PG accommodation

Everyone likes to feel safe at the place they are living. It goes without saying that renting a safe and secured PG stay is a must. Ideally, the property should be in a well-secured locality.

You may need to check if a security guard and 24*7 CCTV surveillance is available for securing the property. Most PGs do have a security guard at least. Generally PGs are usually a safer option than a rented flat.

Policies and Documents for PG Stay

Once you have made sure that the pg stay ticks all the boxes, you should find out about the documents required at your end to finalize the paying guest room. Get a fair idea of rental advance, security deposit, notice period, and refund policy.

Also get the details of the verification documents from your end and the lease deed or rental agreement that you would be required to sign. If you are the cautious type, you may like to find out whether the property manager keeps the details of all renters for others’ safety. 

Summing Up! 

Finding the right PG could be tough. But if you carefully inspect all the things we have mentioned above, there are chances that you will land at the best PG accommodation for you. Hopefully, by now, you’re all set to find a PG stay that fits the bill for you. It’s time you start shortlisting a few properties online before giving a physical visit. Happy hunting!

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