Sharing Room VS Private Room in a PG

If you are considering renting a paying guest (PG) accommodation, you may wonder what the advantages are. PGs are affordable, feel like home, and have many more facilities.

For various reasons, many people believe that PGs are more comfortable than rented apartments and flats. You should be aware of the numerous advantages of PG accommodations. The advantage of PG accommodation is that you do not have to pay exorbitant rent for an apartment or house, which is especially useful in large Indian cities where the cost of living is already challenging to crack when it comes to sustaining a month.

What is a PG?

A PG, or paying guest accommodation, is one level up from a hostel and somewhat similar to a rented apartment. You pay rent to your PG uncle or aunty, who provides you with a room, basic amenities like wifi, air conditioning, and, in some cases, regular meals.

What are the benefits of a PG?

Below are some of the benefits of paying guest accommodation.

Feels like home

Paying for guest accommodation is a savior for people wanting to move and looking for more than just a place to live but also for people with similar interests who can become family. 

Keep your friends close, and keep your PG mates closer! One of the best benefits of PGs is the pavement of friendships between roommates and PG mates that later beautifully transform into 2 am emergency helplines. Your PG mates are the ones who are always at your door to make you feel at ease and happy when you feel sad.


PG lodgings are safe for single females and bachelors due to their excellent security features. Most provide 24-hour service for security officers, CCTV, and safety alarms.

Medical emergencies 

The house owner is responsible for the well-being of each student living in the PG housing. As a result, in the event of an illness or other medical emergency, the person must be able to summon a doctor and create a safe environment for the infected person’s recovery.

Personal development

It is not difficult to live with your family in your own home. It takes time to adjust to living in a second home, such as a PG or a hostel. Living in a PG helps you develop interpersonal skills such as changing to new people, socializing, time management, responsibility, and patience.


PGs offer the best amenities such as fully furnished rooms, healthy food, WIFI, washing machine, CCTV camera, etc.

Sharing Room or Private Room

Now that you have seen the benefits of a PG, do you want a double sharing room or a private room? Let’s see which one will suit you best.

Space in the room

As the name implies, a shared room is a space shared by two or three people. You will share a room with roommates with whom you will become acquainted over time. You will have your bed system, but one must share other amenities such as the bathroom, cupboards, desk, etc.

A single room is a space reserved for you and you alone. It’s a private space where you’ll exclusively use the bed, desk, cupboards, and other amenities. No one will share your space or facilities in a private room.


Privacy is not encouraged and should not be expected when staying in a shared room. You won’t have complete privacy because you’ll share a room with a few other people. Your roommates will always be present, whether you are eating, sleeping, or having a private conversation with your loved ones.

The single room is truly unique. And privacy is 100% guaranteed. Because the room will be solely yours, you can eat, sleep, and converse. No one will interrupt or disrupt your daily routine here.

Cleanliness and hygiene

You learn and demonstrate many things in the shared room, particularly human behavior and etiquette. Prepare to share the bathroom, standard eating table, and other amenities with others. 

You may or may not be a cleanliness freak, but for the sake of hygiene, you must keep the bed, bathroom, floor, and so on clean. Maintaining the weekly cleaning ritual is highly beneficial in this situation. Otherwise, there is a chance that you will have common disagreements about personal hygiene, also known as cleanliness.

As the master of the single room, you must keep the space clean and tidy. The space will look presentable and inviting if you stick to a cleaning schedule. Nothing beats returning to a clean, welcoming room, especially after a long, exhausting day. True, it’s a time-consuming task, but it’s worthwhile.


Living in a shared space requires time and familiarity to get to know your neighbors. The roommates may be concerned about their valuables. When staying in a shared room, trust is delicate. Keep your belongings locked and safe until you’re confident to display them (here, to your roommate’s view).

The security of valuables is in your hands in a single room. Of course, it won’t be displayed anywhere, and you won’t have observers doing important tasks like keeping jewelry/electronic goodies, counting money, etc. However, keeping it locked and safe in the provided cupboard/locker is always advantageous.


Don’t expect complete silence and sanctity because you’ll share space with others. The room will be full of loud conversations, music, laughter, and much more. You can ask/convince your roommates to keep it quiet (during exams or other essential work schedules), but don’t expect complete silence.

The single room provides silence, privacy, peace, and most importantly, me time. Because you are the only one staying here, you can study, work, or exercise without interruption. A single room guarantees your personal space.

Array of thoughts

Many minds, many ideas. Because each roommate is unique in how each person thinks and was raised, sharing a room allows you to experience diverse thoughts and perspectives on life. While some are extroverts who don’t mind speaking spade to spade (when proving a point), others may be introverts who prefer to keep their thoughts to themselves

You are the silent preacher and ruler of a private room. There will be no mind-boggling debates or discussions here.

We hope these points gave you a head start whether you want to opt for a double sharing room or a private room in a PG.

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