Top 7 benefits of coliving for freelancers

The traditional working pattern has taken a significant hit in this pandemic-affected era. Coliving spaces have taken over with their undeniable facilities. Look at the benefits of coliving for freelancers and decide when you want to shift.

Companies have either switched to work-from-home systems or are laying off employees, which has motivated many working class to embrace freelancing. Working remotely is no longer an anomaly in India; it has become the new normal, given the length of the lockdown.

However, remote jobs have their own set of issues, the most notable of which is a lack of productivity and slim chances of growth, and the absence of a like-minded community. Thankfully, there is a simple solution- coliving, which allows freelancers, remote workers, and even entrepreneurs to forget about the issues that come with this type of work and give their creative abilities the freedom they require.

Here are the top 7 benefits of coliving for freelancers

A financially sound option for freelancers

Concerning private rental arrangements, one must be especially mindful of the realistic prospect of a rent increase and other living expenses such as water and electricity bills. Furthermore, if you are a young adult with student loans, you have no choice but to say goodbye to your dream of living independently. 

Though freelancing allows you to be your boss, it also comes with the responsibility of managing your finances and sticking to a budget monthly. In such a case, obtaining living arrangements with a changeable cost model and additional responsibilities is too challenging to navigate.

Coliving rates are meager when compared to the overall expenses that endanger to crush you if you live in a rented flat or PG. Extras such as high-speed Wi-Fi, housekeeping, and furnished rooms are readily available.

Easy commitment

If you work as a freelancer, you are a free bird. So, long-term rentals may be the cage you were hoping to avoid in the first place. That is why co-living spaces are a better option, given the short rental tenures and the somewhat flexible terms and conditions. You can now simply start a project anywhere in the world. Clauses do not bind you from moving to places or taking up different opportunities in different cities.

Working with like-minded people

In other words, leading a freelancing career entails being your competence assessor, ensuring that deadlines are met, abiding by your work ethics, and self-motivating yourself to achieve your objectives.

However, this can quickly become a chore. Still, a community of people with similar goals and priorities can help, as these individuals are also high achievers who want to share and learn from one another.

Apart from assisting in expanding your network, coliving for freelancers also provides the opportunity for active collaboration with your peers and advancing your professional pursuits.

Time to focus on yourself

Not everyone is programmed with a system that thrives in a hive of activity. Some people seek perpetual isolation to allow their creative juices to flow, while others prefer to mix social exposure with the option of working alone. Coliving for freelancers specializes in providing working areas in rooms, allowing for selective isolation and the ability to think and process in silence.

Choose your work hours

Whether you work from home or in a co-working space, you have little power over your working hours. However, in a coliving arrangement, you are not bound by set working hours. You can make your schedule and change it every day if you want.

Freelancers frequently work with clients located abroad and in various time zones. Some freelancers prefer to work in the mornings, while others work best when the clock reads AM. The best part is that others will always share your opinions, so you can either team up with them or retreat to your room for a distraction-free work environment.

Perks of coliving for freelancers

In a traditional setup, taking a break entails exchanging a few gossips with your coworker, getting yourself a cup of coffee, and possibly some snacks. In coliving spaces, a break can include all of the above and perks like taking a well-deserved nap, unwinding at the gaming zone, and watching movies. 

A walk through nature, beautifully presented areas where coliving spaces are primarily established improves your capacity to concentrate, reduces stress, and boosts productivity.

Readily available rooms

What would you seek as a freelancer if you relocated to a new city? You will spend most of your time searching for a good house and then shifting your things from your laptop to your cupboard. With coliving for freelancers, you can get started right away with a fully-furnished room with everything set up for you. As a result, you will not have to waste time renting furniture. Rent a cooler or an air conditioner to help you beat the heat.

PG for freelancers or coliving for freelancers?

PG and coliving are more similar to fully – equipped rental spaces but offer vastly different facilities and services. This is because PG is run by individuals who rent out a room in their home to a guest. In contrast, coliving is run by businesses rent out rooms within complete units to like-minded residents who appreciate resource sharing and communal living.

Businesses that provide professional services and host community gatherings and events manage coliving spaces. The PG is more like a private furnished guest house, with the owner providing essential support but little to no community engagement.

Ultimately, it depends on the situation’s demands and your housing needs. Choose what’s best for you. Start by assessing your requirements and objectives and comparing them to what PG and coliving spaces have to focus on providing. They are all reasonably priced, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Coliving for freelancers, which puts a stronger emphasis on the community, is booming in the market. After viewing a few residences and speaking with residents, you’ll get an instant feel for the people and whether it’s a place you’d feel comfortable living in. Furthermore, co-living enables you to customize your work and home lives to take advantage of the freedom that freelancing provides.

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